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BIMBO is a duet of artists from St. Petersburg, Daniil Kazantsev and Agata Kazantseva,

graduates of the faculty of monumental art at Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design.

Techniques studied during the academic training and creation of original monumental works, as well as experience in the restoration of architectural monuments allow authors to use a wide range of techniques and solutions in their work.


The main line in the work is the theme of nature and harmony with it. BIMBO artworks are inspired by models of vintage erotica - artistic, possessing natural beauty and charm. Authors transfer images from magazines and posters to canvases, placing main characters in unusual situations and fictional places, creating their own unique universe with recognizable attributes, like the abundance of gold, bright colors, decorations, ornaments. The characters of paintings turn into allegories and symbols, becoming a part of the world of BIMBO, where people and animals live in harmony, where there is no place for prejudice and fear, and everyone has the right to be free and happy.


Based on their flair and creative experience, the authors continue to create and fill the world of BIMBO with new stories and characters, making it accessible to viewers.