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Agata Kazantseva was born in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1990. She graduated from Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design, Department of Monumental and Decorative Painting. She focuses on restoration and conservation of historical architecture
monuments, monumental painting, design, stucco molding, gilding, etc.. While researching and exploring different restoration techniques during the conservation of cultural heritage sights, she tries to apply the acquired knowledge in her contemporary art. She
worked as a decorator for theater and cinema projects, art performances and does public and private interiors/exterior design. She is one of the founders and a member of the LASTOCHKA ART studio - creative association of artists (www.lastochkaart.com). Agata is a frequent participant of Russian national and international exhibitions such as Russian  vant-garde of the XX-XXI centuries (Switzerland, Geneva), BIOWOMAN international e exhibition (Germany, Cologne), Biennale of Contemporary Art "Manifesto 10» (Russia, St. Petersburg), etc Her works are exhibited in museums and galleries around the world, are presented in private collections.
Education in Arts
Graduated from St.Petersburg academy of art and design A.L. Stieglitz, the Department of Monumental and Decorative Painting. 2009-2015.
2010 Exhibition "Penetration", V-Gallery, St. Petersburg.
2011 Participant of the festival "Classics and Modernity" 16 mm of cinema and video, Maly Manezh, St. Petersburg. The organizer of the exhibition space "Kinobudka", expositions of the exhibition, shooting short film "Sonya hears the rain."
2012 International exhibition "Landscape-2012 on the program School of Dionysius " FGBUK Kirillo-Belozersky Historical, architectural and art museum-reserve branch of the museum of frescoes of Dionysius.
2012 Biennale "Contemporary Russia Cheboksary 2012", Cheboksary.
2013 International exhibition "BIOWOMAN", Germany, Dusseldorf, gallery "Art Spase».
2014 Exhibition "Russian avant-garde of the XX-XI", Switzerland, Geneva, gallery "Nest".
2014 International exhibition BIOWOMAN, Germany, Cologne, Seidel Gallery.
2014 Biennale of Contemporary Art "Manifesto 10", exhibition "Engineers of Arts" in the Museum of Contemporary Art Erarta, St. Petersburg.
2015 Exhibition «Diploma projects of the Department of Monumental Painting». Academy of art and design A.L. Stieglitz.
2017 The exhibition "STRUCTURES" gallery "Design club» in creative cluster ARTMUZA St. Petersburg.
2017 Exhibition-opening of the monumental painting "Touching Eternity" Transfer of the railway station, Matsudo, Japan.
2018 Alceste Festfestival, BAROQUE OUTSIDE TIME OR EDUCATION OF SENSE. QuartaRiata Residency of Arts & Technology, Peterhof.

2019 Milano's Cartoomics Fair, Fiero Milano, Milan, Italy.

2019 International Exhibition Ritual in the framework of the project BIOWOMAN, Dusseldorf, Germany.

2019 Seattle Erotic Art Festival, Gallery Erato, Seattle, USA.

2019 Exhibition as part of the VeniceLands ArtPrize International Award, Casa Del Mezzadri, Venice, Italy

2019 Exhibition BAROQUE OUTSIDE OF TIME OR SUSPENSION OF SENSES, Arts Square Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia

2012 Completed a series of panels for the network of boutiques "MarMap", St. Petersburg, Vladimir passage.
2013 Scenographer of the play "Under Eternity Sauce", staged by D.Shirko, Ideal Theater.
2015 Decoration in Cafe Veggie in the training space "Ministerstvo".
2014 Restoration of the monument of architecture, estate of Aseevs "Arzhenka" architect L. Kekushev, Rasskazovo. Monumental painting with gilding elements, restoration and design
of lost areas paintings.
2015-2016 Restoration of stucco and gilding in Sheremetyevsky court yard-Museum of Music, St. Petersburg.
2016 Restoration of painting and gilding in the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary at St. Petersburg Conservatory.
2016 Scenery for permanent exhibition for the museum "Big Menshikov Palace."
2016 Restoration of stucco and gilding. The State Academic Maly Theater of Russia, Moscow.
2017 Mural "Touching Eternity" crossing the railway station in Matsudo, Japan.
2018 Restoration of stucco and gilding, Architectural Monument House of M. I. Wawelberg, St. Petersburg
Artist in Residency
2017 Short Stay Program, Paradise Air residence, Chiba Prefecture, Japan.
Since 2013 artist in «Engineers of Arts School».
Since 2015 artist and founder of the Creative Association «Lastochka art»

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